Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dead Dog Joins Princess the Goldfish as Potential Voter...Or, Does Your Dead Dog Drive

Sent a voter registration form not by the Board of Elections but by the "Voter Participation Center". Of course, they claim to be nonpartisan but check the staff. Gee, where did they hail from. And what of the voters they target, hmm, mmm, mmm. Not exactly even-handed.

Blurb on the website:
For the past several election cycles conservative activists have tried to discredit the work of voter registration groups like The Voter Participation Center (VPC) which are registering voters by raising false and groundless claims about fraud.  A favorite tactic is to trot out a pet owner whose pet has mistakenly received a [...]
Wow, could it be because this happens all too often. You could say it was a feature not a bug. Or a fish. Or a dead dog.

Would you take your dead dog to the grocery store? Or Barack's campaign snore of a speech. Or perhaps Me-chelle's do. Or even to Bolivia: Chicago can learn from Bolivia

In Florida, a state that takes its voter registration seriously, 96 illegal voters so far have been found, mostly in one county. No one has been disenfranchised, but look at what just a little effort yields:
Lee County Supervisor of Elections Sharon Harrington has been particularly effective at spotting illegal voters, and it seems she did not entirely rely upon the state’s list of questionable names – prepared without access to the most up-to-date data from the Department of Homeland Security, which withheld its database from Florida, in violation of clear federal law.
According to the Naples Daily News, Harrington took the initiative and compared a list of the people who asked to be excused from jury duty, because they were not U.S. citizens, with the county voter rolls.  She found that “nearly half of those potential jurors who said they weren’t citizens were listed in her files as being eligible to vote.”  She has actually discovered some ineligible voters beyond the list of 2600 names prepared by the Florida Department of State.
Let me restate that, for the benefit of the anti-patriotic charlatans and political hacks who keep trying to protect the voter fraud racket in America, or lie through their teeth by portraying it as some kind of racist assault on minority voters.  This county supervisor merely took a list of dismissed jurors, who openly stated they were not citizens, in writing, under oath, and discovered half of them were also illegally registered to vote.
I would imagine most, if not all, counties in the United States could do the same thing, any time they wished.
Imagine that.

Another group, True the Vote is making a legitimate effort (What's up in Indiana: Indiana Election Officials Have Failed to Maintain Clean Voter Registration Lists; Voter Registration Rolls in 12 Indiana Counties Exceed 100% of Total Voting-Age Population) to protect the integrity of our choice at the ballot box. John Fund:
Indeed, a brand-new Rasmussen Reports poll finds that 64 percent of Americans believe voter fraud is a serious problem, with whites registering 63 percent agreement and African-Americans 64 percent. A Fox News poll taken last month found that 70 percent of Americans support requiring voters to show “state or federally issued photo identification” to prove their identity and citizenship before casting a ballot. Majorities of all demographic groups agreed on the need for photo ID, including 58 percent of non-white voters, 52 percent of liberals, and 52 percent of Democrats.
It's time. Do it before the next dog voter dies.

P.S. Does your dead dog drive? The state of Illinois uses photo radar in freeway work zones.

More:  "Despite assertions by the Maryland State Board of Elections that voter registration records are kept up-to-date, the non-partisan watchdog group Election Integrity Maryland (EIM) has discovered names of deceased voters in Prince George's County who remain on the voter rolls, as well as names of voters who have moved or who have duplicate registrations.  Some voters are registered out of vacant lots, post office boxes and Mail Box stores."

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