Friday, June 01, 2012

Fiery Walsh Fights for Votes in New District

IL Dems gerrymandered districts in their favor, but Rep.Joe Walsh(R-IL8) is working hard to get through.

A couple of my tweets this morning:
He's right. And what does the dependency get you--broke gov, no jobs:Walsh: Dems made blacks 'dependent on government'

May’s Jobs Report Disappoints Across the Board | Daniel Gross - Yahoo! Finance via

Here's video. Here's his statement this afternoon: 
Walsh Reaffirms His Statement on Government Dependency & Growth
Challenges Duckworth to debate issues in front of Hispanic community
 "While my remarks last week were very direct and critical, they were in no way critical of minorities. They were, however, critical of Democrat policies that want to see Americans dependent on big government. As someone who has spent my life working in the inner cities trying to give impoverished children the same opportunities as the middle class, I am deeply troubled by the policies of the Democrat party that have locked generation after generation of families into government subsistence.
Tammy Duckworth's latest attacks couldn't be further from the truth. Tammy is good at criticizing everything I say, yet the policies she supports under President Obama over the last three years have led to 766,000 more women being unemployed and higher unemployment rates among Hispanics and African Americans.
The Democrat party has made more Americans dependent on government - period. Tammy and her DC insider friends believe that government is the solution to the sputtering economy - I believe that the hope of this Nation resides with the American people. Since entering Congress in 2011, I have consistently fought to reduce all Americans' dependency on their government. I believe that individual freedom, low spending, low taxes and getting government out of our way grows jobs and will turn this economy around.
If Tammy Duckworth is serious about turning those dreadful results around and if she is serious about having a discussion about the proper role of government in our lives, then I formally challenge her to join me in front of a local Hispanic group to debate the issues that are important to the Latino community. We'll see if she's serious about solutions like I am."
He'll be on O'Reilly tonight. [UPDATE. Video]:

Joe deserves our support.

He won the last debate:) Here's another video: More. Bill Baar: Joe Walsh and Chicago Democrat's Plantation Politics

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