Friday, June 01, 2012

FCC Worries Poor Enjoying Electronics Too Much

It wasn't that long ago, when the Goracle was claiming he invented the internet, that he and Bill bemoaned the lack of a computer for every child in school. Districts spent gajillions on them, libraries too, and what do we have now, when everyone has their own electronic device?


Oops, that's Me-chelle's obsession, sweating up the East Room.

No, no, no, we have a "time-wasting" gap.

And we need a digital literacy corps to fix it.

Why not just combine them with the IRS ObamaCare compliance police, or the Big Gulp swat team, or you could just empower the TSA to take 'em away.

After all, our President Barack Obama has told us the rise in ATM's stands in the way of our progress.

P.S. Jobs report this morning horrendous, unemployment up.

P.P.S. New Romney ad up:

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