Thursday, July 12, 2012

capitalism begins with ideas and dreams...

Socialism begins with the material world (the redistribution of pre-existing things); capitalism begins with ideas and dreams (the creation of things). Socialism increases the hoarding instinct and often places power in the hands of petty dictators (wait in line in a governmental office to see what I mean). We all know where that leads. [snip]

 Traditional marriage (one man, one woman, open to new life, and for life) is utterly indispensable. In a way, the family as I have just described it is a microcosm of the world — in a way similar to that in which a entrepreneur conceives of an idea and perseveres, in a stable commitment, to fashion and create that idea, making what was once merely a non-material dream or concept into something real and concrete, so too love in marriage that is open to procreation embodies all those ideals at a far more fundamental and personal level than any business. This is how and why business can be also understood as a type of calling. [snip] 
Economics is not essentially about finances but about human reason, free will, choice, and action.

Let's develop the talents--and bountiful resources, God gave us. The Dakota Model:)

There's still something exceptional in the American experience

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