Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cities Take Nuclear Option

Oh that Joe Biden of the eeevil Republicans bringing doom and gloom, hey what about your old perennial Dem stomping grounds of Scranton?

What about those blue ruin cities in California, hmm?

And next door to your Delaware, even hippie dippie nuclear free Takoma Park, Maryland has gone nuclear, by keeping some apparently radioactive but reasonably priced computers.

So, will some city in Obama's peaceful paradise of Illinois be next?

Public unions pension and benefit pigginess bringing cities to their knees.

So. Good luck hiding under your desk, Dems, when the nukes start raining down.

P.S.  California Demon: Our Version of Greece - John Fund, American Spectator
 In Maryland, Higher Taxes Chase Out High Earners - Robert Frank, CNBC
 Texas Is America's Top State for Business 2012 - Scott Cohn, CNBC

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