Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jesse Jr. Man of Bleepin' Mystery

And Santita Jackson is on tonight with Hannity thanking the public for respecting the family's zone of privacy.

Hell no.

Ratting out Jesse Jr. $6M in Blago Pay to Play 

 Sure. Privacy, yeah. over and over again. This from then:
The congressman's wife, Chicago Ald. Sandi Jackson, 7th, issued her own statement later in the day asking for privacy.
"Today's disclosure, one that my family and I have been privately addressing for several months, is a very private, painful and unfortunate situation. Therefore, I would hope that the public will respect our ongoing personal handling and healing from this matter,'' she said in the statement.
Jesse's Girl

Sandi's as big an enabler as Hillary to Bill. As she rakes it in. She can hold his uh feet to the fire, but his constituents don't count.

Jesse Jr.'s gotta go. Corrupt AND calculating to the nth degree. Disappears when his buddy gets it.
Junior won his primary against a Dem challenger in a redistrict. But there's someone else in his way. Thank the good Lord.  Support Republican Brian Woodworth.

Prior to the luncheon, former U.S. Sen. Roland Burris told the large media contingent to leave Jackson Jr. alone.

"You all aren't here to cover this convention, you're here to cover Jesse Jr. That is ridiculous," Burris said.
LOL. Put it on your tomb, Roland.

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