Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Trains or Teachers. No soup for you

It's come to this in lalaland USA.

What will the left do. Death spiral:
The real austerity has been imposed on the people of Greece who have been hit with massive tax increases – including a 2-percentage point increase in the value added tax in 2010.  The result is nearly a 10% decline in nominal GDP and a staggering increase in unemployment.  As a consequence, tax revenues are virtually unchanged, and the crisis continues unabated...
Back in California...
shrinking tax based caused by falling property values and the state’s anti-growth regulations and taxes.
So, Chicago, IL going belly-up, same-sex marriage or chicken sandwiches.

Teachers or kids.

But wait: Mr. Moreno had no problem supporting Barack Obama even though he had the exact same position until earlier this year — and then only went so far as to back leaving gay marriage up to the states, validating North Carolina's (and others') decision to ban it.
In fact, Illinois doesn't allow gay marriage. Get the state out of the 1st Ward!
Or jobs.

What'll it be.

No soup for you.


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