Thursday, August 09, 2012

Planet O

A world where our President Barack Obama complains his jet-setting wife is paid no salary as FLOTUS. 16 vacations and a cool million later--Michelle Obama, sweatshop worker.

A world where our President Barack Obama, um, his super PAC accuses Mr. Clean Mitt Romney of murder.

(Even Planet MSNBC is appalled.)

A world where our President Barack Obama says you didn't build that.

So what next. Will we have a Daisy ad. Will Mitt Romney destroy the planet?

We, who live in the real world, already know what life is like with Barack. Salary or no.

A cautionary tale from the original logo maker:


SpearWolf said...

The scariest thing about this world? That between 45 - 49% of the voters are ready to re-elect Chairman 0. In a sane world, he's be lucky to get 10% (just the lunatic fringe).

Anne said...

Yes. Scary. And we're at the tippIng point of his buying off so many people with bennies we may be stuck