Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Surprise Surprise Preezie Zucchini Fries

At children's "State Dinner". But did he eat the stuff. Let's check ObamaFoodarama for the inside scoop. What? For invited readers only? A White House blog? Where's the transparency, a little sensitivity? hmm, mmm, mmm.

The Preezie is really full of it, uh surprises:WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: Obama Preps Media For “Surprise” Press Conference

Burning through all that cash, O may have that burning feeling in his gut.

Perhaps some chamomile tea from the lovely FLOTUS garden. Let her blow on it to cool it for you. Preezie baby.

P.S. A little always cool music:) Want fries with that.

...where's the beef, Barack: 


Adrienne said...

That was a horribly non-nutritious meal. High carb, low protein, low fat. The exact opposite of what these kids need to be eating.

Want to slim the kiddos down? Take away their empty carbs.

Anne said...

Empty all right.

Thanks Adrienne, great point.