Friday, October 12, 2012

Biden appeals to base, Ryan to sweet reason

Now we know what that Biden smile means. Mean. And is everything partisan to this guy?
And all his interrupting and shouting put me off. I don't think that went over well with most women watching, unless they were already in his corner.

On Libya, Ryan exposed the administration's dissembling for weeks, while Biden continued to deny, deny what they knew or blame the intel community. That was the strongest emotional moment in the debate and it reminded me again how angry and sad I still am over Benghazi and the loss of 4 brave Americans.

On the economy, Ryan went through the litany of Obama failed promises, and laid out the misery of the country right now, making the case for reform to save entitlements.

Finally, you know Obama buddy moderator Martha Raddatz hoped to trap Ryan on abortion as a closer question. Ryan appealed to reason on the issue of life, and to liberty with the ObamaCare threat to religious freedom--one of our founding principles.

And despite being interrupted 10-1, Paul Ryan was gracious in his final statement, thanking the Vice President for joining him in the debate.

Ryan's top 5 lines

Lots of clips at RCP.

Instapolls CNN, CNBC:
Ryan may have picked up a few stray Indies. P.S.

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