Monday, October 23, 2006

Chicago Voter Database Hacked

ABC story via Drudge on claim by a "non-partisan civic group" that it had hacked into Chicago's Voter database.

It also unearthed links to detailed Social Security information, posing the possibility of identity theft---that have been unintentionally linked for SIX YEARS.

A spokesman for the Chicago Election Board responded:
Leach said he doubted the Illinois Ballot Integrity Project could have disenfranchised voters or wiped out the database, but he and the Election Board were very concerned and had taken steps to remedy whatever problems exist, including bringing in an outside computer forensic expert to verify that the database is secure and to ensure no one had already hacked the database.
How reassuring. Maybe the Sun Times should send over a few more reporters just to be on the safe side.

UPDATE: Sun Times story with page one (print edition) pix of hacker. He's Peter Zelchenko, running for alderman in the 43d ward.

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