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Ann Romney Winning Pinterest

On interactions. Big with women. The Hill:
"This represents the first year that Pinterest, now the 3rd largest social media network, has been around during a presidential election cycle," noted Apu Gupta, the CEO and co-founder of Curalate. "Pinterest provides us an opportunity to see how people engage with candidates and their spouses in a more emotional and visual way. This really is about humanizing the candidates and the spouses and finding content that enables people to form a more emotional connection to the candidates and their spouses."
More people view, comment on and like Ann Romney's content than they do Michelle Obama's. That could be because Ann Romney often shares and comments on her own images. Her most popular images, according to Curalate, are recipes.
Her most popular pin so far is banana bread, but many Happy Halloween returns of the day with this candy corn cookie recipe, right up top:)

Am repinning it now:)

P.S. My friend Mary emails:
  The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show had a "Fractured Fairy Tales" segment where a novel spin would be put on an old tale.  Reminds me of Team Obama's take on the world.  You can't believe what you hear and see, only their re-telling of the story.  "The economy is growing."   "Fast & Furious was a gun sales promotion."  "Benghazi was a hostile movie review."  "Taxes do not impact personal income."  "Business regulations have no cost."  "You can keep our own doctor with Obamacare."   All, Fractured Fairy Tales.
Trick or treat. I choose treat.

3 Takes on Preezie Barackstar

Believe in America.

P.S. This is the latest ad on the marriage amendment airing in newly swinging state Minnesota.

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Crushing debt is our children's biggest threat

The yet-to-be born are truly our most under- and unrepresented citizens and taxpayers. The real test of compassion isn't just your level of caring for people who are close at hand but your concern for the invisible people whose suffering we can only imagine and who have no choices about the world in which they find will themselves.
We already can glimpse the future. Just the payment of interest on our already crushing debt has robbed the struggling and impoverished of countless billions of needed help. In Illinois, our debt has cut dramatically into medical and other kinds of assistance so important to the desperate.
This isn't just an issue for the presidential election. In Illinois, ungodly unpaid obligations were rung up as if we didn't care about the burdens that would befall our children — just as long as "we" (meaning public employees) were not just comfortable in old age but prosperous beyond the lifestyle of struggling taxpayers.
Suit filed by CTU, others seeks to overturn pension law

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Can't draw out summer any more. Lake's low, water's cold.

Keep safe out East.

#CTU Bosses Shove Thru O Endorsement. No Vote

They did one of those I can't hear you yea and nay votes like we saw at the Dem convention, you know, where delegates booed God and the Jews and Big Dem Boss LA Mayor Villaraigosa decreed it never happened.

Kyle Olson, Townhall: Chicago Teachers Union Rank-and-File Reps Refuse to Endorse Obama:
So much for finding favor with the hometown crowd.
President Obama managed to gain an endorsement from the Chicago Teachers Union last week, but it took some quick maneuvering by the union’s executive committee to make it happen, found.
It seems the union’s House of Delegates (about 800 delegates representing rank-and-file members) failed to act on the recommended endorsement, expressing a preference to sit this election out. But the union leadership came through for its old friend Obama, rejecting the advice of the people who pay the dues and the bills.
Of course, they're to the left of O on school reform.

Other Windy City news, via Hillbuzz, where apparently Obama's '08 finance chairman Penny Pritzker is being shunned by those she strong-armed the last go-round.

No one wants to pony up for the O Aloha getaway.

Is this campaign rotten enough for you yet America. From sex... O asks young women for political virginity, mimics Putin

DOOM ANTIDOTE: Massive Blowback and Backfire to Obama’s Lena Dunham Ad. “Just like the Fonz, Obama went from Mr. Popular to Jumping the Shark”. thugs.

Do we want these we don't need no stinkin' democracy Obama elites shoving us around for 4 more years. Spitting on we the people.

O asks young women for political virginity, mimics Putin

Sick and degrading in itself, This Is Why The Democrats Are Losing. but now we know they got the idea for Your First Time from Russia's dictator. Charming. A man who puts girl bands in jail. A thug who kills opponents, including a journalist with too many questions. Her name was Anna.

So women, do you think the Dem bosses respect us? Do you think they'll really care the morning after the election? Just pass some lipstick on a pig reward for trial lawyers and call it progress?

Where are the jobs, Mr. President, with half of recent college grads unemployed or underemployed, working if they're lucky at the local pool, armed with that college degree and a slug of pricy college loans. Where are the jobs, Mr. President, as millions of Americans feel they have no dream.

So moms, how do you feel, after seeing all the opportunities for women in an expanded workforce these last 30 some years, after raising a daughter to believe she can do anything she puts her mind to?

No, no, no.

Just lie back and think of Barack.

Obamagirl 2008 dancing and full of life. Obamagirl 2012 just do it.

We know Dems have been engaging in a pretty bauble campaign.

...what can we do to distract voters from my dismal record today.

They tried the war on women, they try to cheapen debate and just shut us up.

Some candidates engage in the politics of personal destruction.

8h Anne Leary@backyardconserv
Tammy D deals "Low Blow" per I'd say just another Chicago pol. Not thoughtful not independent
TammyD tells kids to SHUT UP.Tammy should apologize: Joey Walsh on Tammy Duckworth's Hurtful Attacks

And some campaigns have hit rock bottom.

More: Free Beacon: How sarcasm and insult took over the Democratic Party 
Pundit & Pundette:  Ad: Vote for Obama and "do it with a great guy"
From Hope & Change to Fearmonger-in-Chief - Toby Harnden, Daily Mail
America Has Finally Seen the Real Obama - Peggy Noonan, Wall St Journal

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