Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hamas at Home

Latest on the Hamas trial in Chicago. The defendent and his lawyers have claimed he was "tortured" by Israeli agents. Former NY Times reporter Judith Miller testifies otherwise. Tribune:
She said she watched an Israeli agent known as "Nadav" begin talking to Salah, who seemed very calm. At one point she heard Salah discuss the coffee he had been given.

"He complained that he usually took it this way, and Nadav had forgotten to bring something," she said. Nadav began to ask about Salah's Hamas activities, and Salah seemed to speak freely about his involvement, she said.

"I was struck by the fact that he seemed very comfortable talking about it," she said. He was boasting and jaunty, Miller said. "He was almost goading [Nadav] about how Hamas was getting the better of the Israelis. "He said, `You shut Hamas down three or four times a year, and every time we regroup,'" she said.
Hamas' Salah very at home while in custody, complaining that his coffee was not just right. Presumably this will be the basis of the next torture claim.

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