Monday, April 28, 2008

Trigger Happy

Some ammunition for advocates of the Second Amendment. Recently, AEI's Arthur Brooks, Trigger Happy. Gun owners are more content, (and they make more money):
Why are gun owners so happy? One plausible reason is a sense of self-reliance, in terms of self-defense or even in terms of the ability to hunt their own dinner. [snip]

In 2002, they were more likely to give money to charity than people without guns (83% to 75%). This charity gap doesn't reflect their somewhat higher incomes. Gun owners were also more likely to give in other ways, such as donating blood. Are gun owners unsentimental? In 2004, they were more likely than those without guns to strongly agree that they would "endure all things" for the one they loved (45% to 37%).
And the Brits are astonished at a relatively peaceful America. (Gee, could their being blindsided have something to do with leftist bias in the media?)

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