Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wilmette Strikes Handgun Ban

Happy day. The Wilmette Village Board voted to toss out its ill-advised gun ban. Wilmette Life:

The proposed ordinance to repeal the local ban was passed unanimously late Tuesday night.

“The Supreme Court has made their decision. It calls into question our ordinance,” said Village President Chris Canning. “We thought the best thing to do was to suspend enforcement immediately and then look at our legal options, and at least personally, I think the strongest option that would give a clean slate to the whole situation would be to repeal the ordinance.”

Trustees said they would explore other possible regulations, but felt the current ordinance would not withstand a legal challenge.

A clean slate. It's a good thing. The extreme stance made a laughingstock of the village, and thankfully common sense has prevailed. Frank Penn, The Chicago Daily Observer with background on pending cases around Chicago.

Nationally it's still an issue. The Hill. Not surprisingly.

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