Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obama's Founding Brothers

Nary a word from the MSM on the depth of Barack Obama's murky radical connections and his long relationship with unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, other than the WSJ piece the other day. Stanley Kurtz explores Barack Obama's founding brothers--who really hired the young and inexperienced Barack Obama to head the operating side of the Annenberg Challenge grant program (his only claim of executive experience to date)? I believe here's the Tribune story Kurtz references, detailing attempts by a former director of CAC to influence UIC officials to withhold some or all of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge documents. Here is the text of a new email found through FOIA (I'm sure the Obama campaign is cursing a blue streak):
I present the text of Rolling’s message, headed, “New York Times story: CAC,” in its entirety here:
Anne and Warren:

I gave your contact info to Sam Dillon, Education Reporter for the NYTimes who is doing a story on McCain vs. Obama’s education platform (McCain has a one-pager; Obama has a 17 page, 10-point platform). Dillon was sent to me from the Obama campaign to discuss Barack’s role in the Annenberg Challenge. – I have spent at least 4 hours in interviews with Sam Dillon who is trying to understand everything he can about the Challenge to see where Barack’s experience with it influenced his education reform views or where Barack had influence on education policy and/or practice during those years. Sam is pretty thorough in his questions and one question or response leads to many other things he is interested in learning about the Challenge. – The Challenge is just one phase of Barack’s ‘education interests’ that Dillon is exploring. He’s also trying to learn about Barack’s community organizing days and how education reform was part of them.

Sam would like to talk with either or both of your to understand how the “ad hoc group” you two and Bill Ayers lead [sic], aarived [sic] at the structure of the founding board and the Collaborative. He is trying to understand how Barack got “picked” for the CAC board, by whom, why, etc. – I have avoided that question head-on though I believe Barack was Debbie Leff’s/Joyce nomination.

I think the article will be friendly and is truly looking to see the influences on or by Barack re: education/school reform in Chicago, ete. [sic]

Let me know if you talk to Dillon?

All the best.


Obviously this presents more questions that need to be answered. Read the whole post.

Given the Obama campaign's thuggish attempts to stifle and smear this looks to be a pattern.

UPDATE: Michael Barone, "Mainstream Media Should Pay Attention to Obama's Ties to William Ayers."

UPDATE: Joshua Muravchik, Commentary on Obama's radicalism, with this reference to Ayers and the Annenberg Challenge:

So it is conceivable that the two met as late as 1994, but this hardly seems likely. Would anyone yield control of the purse to someone he did not already know well and trust thoroughly? And what exactly were Obama’s credentials in the field of school reform, unless he had been active in the ABC’s with Ayers in the 1980’s? At the very latest, the two must have met sometime after Obama returned from Harvard in late 1991 or early 1992, well before he was chosen to chair the board in 1995.

For the next four to five years, the two worked together to raise the matching funds and disburse small grants to local organizations pushing the reform program. It could only have been an intimate partnership. When Obama decided to run for the state senate, his first fund-raising event was held in the home of Ayers and Dohrn. In 1997, Ayers published a book about juvenile justice, A Kind and Just Parent, which Obama blurbed as “a searing and timely account.” The two also served together on the board of the leftist Woods Fund from 1998 until 2001.

This is what is now public about the relations between Obama and the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers. There may be much more, so far successfully hidden by all concerned; but even these facts suggest that Ayers was among Obama’s closest collaborators.

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