Saturday, September 06, 2008

Snotty Stuff

Trib magazine reporter Jessica Reaves in the Tribune today writes an unenlightened column about the choice of Sarah Palin, "McCain's choice won't fool women".

If all Sarah Palin is is a woman, why didn't Sen. McCain pick you, Jessica, hmm? Quite the little woman. Quite the snotty stuff. (And why would we bother to attack Hillary because she was a woman--the Obama campaign and your liberal MSM friends did that quite handily the last two years. If Hillary had won, we would have attacked her on her liberal positions, not to mention her shady past.)

And with all due respect to the GOP women you mentioned, they are Senators. Sarah Palin is a governor, a reformer, and the next generation of the GOP. She hearkens back to the liberterian roots of Barry Goldwater, and reminds us Reagan Democrats turned Republicans of why we did.

Sarah is the Fresh Air. Sarah is one of us. Now we too wield the Power of Palin.

Get used to there being women who don't agree with you. We don't have to pass your narrow-minded little litmus test.

And she skewered Barack Obama well on Wednesday night, all the more powerful because the MSM has not only given him a pass all these months, but practically kissed the hem of his garments. The media look like fools to most Americans.

UPDATE: Bill Kristol on the backlash to the poisonous media treatment of Palin. Suburban hockey (Sarah) and soccer (Sarah's sister) moms are targeted by both parties and Sarah Palin's making a start pulling them in. Detroit Free Press.

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