Tuesday, October 14, 2008

RICO Against ACORN in Ohio

UPDATE: Iraq has better vote fraud rules than we do. And this--The Campaign Spot:

But look, as massive, egregious, and disturbing as ACORN's criminal behavior is - identity theft and all — it's not like people are just finding $2,300 donations to Obama on their credit card statements that they never made.

Oh, wait. They are.

I guess this is what Obama meant by "spreading the wealth around."

Fraud in Minnesota too? Another swing state. Full list here. ***The Buckeye Institute files a state RICO against ACORN in Ohio:
The Buckeye Institute, a Columbus-based think tank, today filed a state RICO action against the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) on behalf of two Warren County voters. The action filed in Warren County Court of Common Pleas alleges ACORN has engaged in a pattern of corrupt activity that amounts to organized crime. It seeks ACORN's dissolution as a legal entity, the revocation of any licenses in Ohio, and an injunction against fraudulent voter registration and other illegal activities.

Plaintiffs Jennifer Miller of Mason, Ohio and Kimberly Grant of Loveland, allege that ACORN's actions deprive them of the right to participate in an honest and effective elections process. They allege fraudulent voter registrations submitted by ACORN dilute the votes of legally registered voters.

"The right to cast a vote that is not diluted by fraudulent votes is a fundamental individual right," Buckeye Institute President David Hansen said.

Gov. Sarah Palin was a guest today on Rush Limbaugh's show and asked Sen. Obama to rein in ACORN. The Politico. Also, new evidence--busted-- Obama and ACORN held joint GOTV operations in Ohio. ACORN is supposed to be non-partisan don't you know.

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