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Democrats Tax Success: We are all poorer

(From a reader.)

I saw an article today (linked below) about selfishness and it prompted me to write this. Since the media is in the tank for Obama, I’m taking a stab at explaining this Socialism/Marxism/Modern Liberalism (or whatever you want to call it.)

(First, when I say “Democrats”, I’m referring to the deep down Modern Liberals/Socialists who run the party and lead the way, not the one or two issue voters who are not very ideological – most Democrats.)

When the Democrats talk about “sacrifice”, which is one of Obama’s big themes, what do they mean?

It goes back to their Socialistic/Marxist impulses. Along with “sacrifice”, they use the word “equal”. Socialists want things “equal” and they want everyone to be the same. Think about the old Soviet Union and Cuba: most people were/are “equally” poor and only a few people were/are privileged with some money. (I think the Cubans just got limited cell phone service!)

Essentially, they don’t like success.

They don’t like success because it makes people “unequal”. To them, if one person is successful, it means that the success came off the backs of the unsuccessful (the poor mostly.) This is why they keep going after Exxon, pharma companies and CEO’s. They don’t like success and they claim that the rest of us are victims of the success. Not only do they not like success, they work to do away with it. Their big tool is taxes. This is why Obama wants to raises taxes on the productive and successful people. Regulations are big too, but taxes are the big thing. I don’t know if we’ll get back to Carter’s devastating 70% marginal tax rate, but Obama admits he wants to raise taxes on the successful. The highest marginal tax rate will go from 37.9% percent to 50.3% under Obama. (This includes the increase in the Social Security deduction. Since we won’t get any more Social Security, it truly is a tax and not trust money as they tell us.) So the highest producers will have some significant increases in taxes and therefore, will be less likely to do more innovating that creates jobs. In the little world of Modern Liberals, this is called “sacrifice.” (One of the dirty little secrets that the media won’t report is that the taxes paid by the top 5% have gone from 44% of the total to about 60% of the total since Bush’s tax rate cuts took effect. In other words “the rich” are paying much more than they used to. The Democrats continue to lie about this stuff.)

Along with the word “sacrifice”, they use the word “selfish” – as in we are being selfish for wanting to keep our money. (This article prompted me to write this all of this:

An excerpt: “John McCain and Sarah Palin they call this socialistic,” Obama continued. “You know I don’t know when, when they decided they wanted to make a virtue out of selfishness.”

So wanting to keep our hard earned money is “selfish.” Think about it.

A good place to see all of this in action is in the inner cities. The South Side of Chicago, where Obama did his “work” has been a mess for DECADES. Actually, the messes started when the Democrats started their “programs” in the 60’s. If you think about, why haven’t the Democrats/Modern Liberals done anything about the problems in the inner cities??? It’s been going on for DECADES and they don’t do anything!!! People keep dying and the areas are filled with hopelessness and despair – and they do nothing of substance! All they do is blame inanimate objects like guns. In fact, they are content with what is going on in these areas. It might be hard to argue this if we were only talking about a few years of this liberalism, but we are talking about over FOUR DECADES of what normal people would call gross neglect. Remember, these areas have very little Conservatism and very few Republicans. They have been run (into the ground) by Democrats for DECADES. How many families have been destroyed by their policies? How many people have died?

What they did to the inner cities is what Obama wants to do to the rest of us. We are all supposed to “sacrifice success” so we are all made “equal”.

I know it’s hard to believe, but we are talking about people with a different belief system where “success” is a bad word and making everyone “equally” poor is the goal. This is why Obama never really supports the American Dream; we’re all supposed to sacrifice the American Dream! Obviously, the effects of taxing success means that we’ll have less success. That’s what taxes do when they are targeted to the people who create the most.

Obama started out saying that he’ll let Bush’s tax cuts lapse (meaning all of our income taxes would go up), but now with the tight race, he saying that he’ll delay the increase. On his “tax plan” that he’s pushing now, the $250,000 threshold came down to $200,000 and then Biden said the other day that it’s $150,000. Now Bill Richardson says it’s $120,000. Who knows what the number will be? (Who knows if Biden knew what he was talking about? ) Since the top 10% pay 70% of all taxes and the bottom 40% pay very little income taxes, the threshold will end up being very low and we’ll all be screwed. Success will be targeted at all levels.

That 50.3% marginal tax rate is devastating as viewed by normal people, but it’s not enough for Modern Liberals. This is where that different belief system comes in; they don’t even think a high marginal rate is a problem! This different belief system makes them immune to normal logic.

Taxes are just one thing they do to make sure everyone is “equal” and that success is minimized. Tolerating bad behavior (what they call “tolerance”) is another concept they use to make things “equal.” By saying that there isn’t much difference between behaviors, they treat all behaviors the same. This is why when someone complains about bad behaviors, outfits like the ACLU come out and attack the people complaining while turning the people with the bad behaviors into victims. It’s all about making things “equal” and they have decimated the inner cities where these polices have been implemented the most.

These are not the same Democrats of years past who had similar morals and ethics. People like JFK, MLK and even a Hubert Humphrey would be considered more conservative now-a-days. This is why things are so polarized.

If you wonder why Modern Liberals are as goofy as they are, watch the video "HOW MODERN LIBERALS THINK" by Evan Sayet at Evan used to write for Bill Maher and he has spent a lot of time (since 9/11) trying to figure these people out. It’s not short, but it's very, very good.

McCain is not perfect, but he’s far, far better than Obama. Obama and his comrades are licking their chops waiting to get in to tear down success. If any of this resonates, then watch the video for more info. If this doesn’t resonate, keep this email handy and watch how the Democrats deal with issues in the inner cities and how they talk about taxes, tolerance, etc.

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