Sunday, December 14, 2008

Barack Found Out

Missed this earlier. Steve Chapman, Tribune and RCP, "Obama's My Pet Goat Moment":

"I was appalled and disappointed by what we heard in those transcripts," Barack Obama said Thursday about the documented misconduct of the governor of Illinois. That's right. He was appalled. And it only took him 48 hours to realize it.

But why is this a surprise? There was never any attempt by Barack Obama at change we could believe in in Illinois, was there.

Barack Obama is not a leader of any substance. He's a hack with a good delivery.

As far as the Bush my pet goat moment, Sept. 11th was a shock, it was war on our soil, people had just been murdered by terrorists.

That Illinois was supremely corrupt would not have been a surprise at all to Barack Obama. Why else would he have picked Rahmbo for his chief of staff?

The only surprise was that it was so blatantly on tape.

P.S. Chapman's my pet goat moment. (I thought Barack was Patton?) It took little over a month to realize it.

Let us agree Barack Obama gives a good speech.

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