Sunday, February 08, 2009

Barack Obama fell off his horse

Well now we know for sure. Barack Obama is a leftist with a smiley phony bipartisan face. When the crunch came, not only did he get rolled by Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco Democrats, he agreed with them. He's usurped the Goracle as the biggest hysterical nag on the planet and given us his own version of Jimmy Carter's crisis of confidence speech only a couple of weeks into his presidency.

Yeah, that Trojan H0rse has crashed.

He said at the beginning of his campaign that running a national campaign will be much like running the country.

The permanent campaign has crashed too. It looks somehow too business as usual.

And Honest Abe's birthday is coming up this week. Will we still hear the comparisons?

UPDATE: More horsey imagery. Anatreptic--cowboys are in fashion again. Politico:

Obama will have another chance to explain himself with his first White House news conference Monday; Treasury's plan for dealing with housing and the banking crisis should follow Tuesday.

But thus far the debate most resembles those Western movies, where desperate men - good or bad - take aim at the horses or pack mules because they can't shoot the rider.

The president, until recently, has stayed above the fray - while the ill-fated Appropriations committees, asked to carry the load, are going down legs kicking, alternately condemned for being too piggish or too small-bore in their thinking.
And a humble Lincoln on his horse.

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