Friday, October 16, 2009

Barack Obama, America's Author in Chief

Maybe, sob, he just really, really wants to write. (omg, this goes on for 6 syrupy pages, including smarmy testimonials from David astroturf Axelrod, just words, oh, he can recite Shakespeare, be still my heart! reads the tragedies while in Springfield, how appropriate) GQ: Barack Obama's Work in Progress:
Over the past few years, we’ve gotten to know our president as a lot of different things: campaigner, lawyer, father, basketballer. But what if Obama’s first and truest calling—his desire to write—explains more about him than anything else? Robert Draper recounts the untold story of the first man since Teddy Roosevelt to serve as author in chief
The untold story!!! (Cue the moron chorus of the left.) Yes, maybe he really, really wants to write...but is blocked.

P.S. So I took my little dog for a walk, to clear my head, to think deep thoughts, because, I am a writer. I had a stream of consciousness for 45 whole minutes. And then I thought, they brought out a theater director, who on the strength of a few stray lines found a pol with the soul of a poet, perhaps a fine actor in the making. They trotted out Scott Turow, whom I believe wrote a book, hmm it was called Presumed Innocent, hmm, mmm, mmm. They gave a nod to Barack and Michelle's Hyde Park neighbor, Valerie Jarrett, who always seems to be arranging things. But why, I thought why not unleash the creative genius of a prolific Chicago author and Hyde Park neighbor, to praise the prose of our President Barack Obama?

Why not ask Bill Ayers his thoughts? After all, he and Bernardine babysat their girls, or maybe that was Rashid Khalidi. Why not give Bill an opportunity to return a favor, one author to another?

But perhaps he would only say he was the dog that didn't bark. Just a small jest.

JTlol Hey, maybe the news would start asking about Obama's college transcripts if he put them in a big balloon.

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