Friday, October 16, 2009

BlagObama Jobs Machine

UPDATE: Is there nothing Obama can't do? small dead animals with the big bucks spent for a few jobs--featuring Illinois in the graphic.***Chicago Sun Times: Inside Rod Blagojevich's jobs machine
SPECIAL REPORT | Declaring a hiring freeze while doling out jobs based on clout, former governor carried on business as usual from day 1 of his term, files reveal

More:5 hired after Obama vouched for them
Rahm Emanuel, Hillary Clinton also listed as job sponsors, but no one landed all their candidates on payroll

More. Crain's: State jobless rate continues its climb to 10.5%

More. Blago-Quinn-SEIU scam exposed.

And this:
Illinois lawmakers are dead serious about reform -- as long as it doesn't crimp their style. The two big measures moving this week are all about protecting incumbents and their bosses.

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