Thursday, October 29, 2009

Holder told him to shut up

D.C. school choice has a strong advocate--and it's not President Barack Obama. Washington Times:

Kevin Chavous, a prominent black D.C. lawyer and board member of D.C. Children First, is the guy making the president so uncomfortable. In the advertisement, Mr. Chavous says, "President Obama is ending a program that helps low-income kids go to better schools, refusing to let any new children in. I'm a lifelong Democrat, and I support our president. But it's wrong that he won't support an education program that helps our kids learn."

That's when America's first black attorney general, Eric H. Holder Jr., stepped in to tell the lawyer to shut up, Mr. Chavous revealed on a local radio talk show. Mr. Chavous said the attorney general - in front of witnesses - asked him to pull the ad.

Via the Chicago Daily Observer, watch the ad here. Listen to DC Children First.

Mr. President--how about doing the right thing. Simple as that.

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