Saturday, October 10, 2009

Noble or Nobel?

Chris Muir. Former Vietnam Vet and Dem Sen. Bob Kerrey, WSJ: Obama's Nobel and His Obligation to Afghanistan: When it comes to moral reputation, almost nothing matters more than keeping your word:

Yet despite these setbacks, our leaders must remain focused on the fact that success in Afghanistan bolsters our national security and yes, our moral reputation. This war is not Vietnam. The Taliban are not popular and have very little support other than what they secure through terror.

Afghanistan is also not Iraq. No serious leader in Kabul is asking us to leave. Instead we are being asked to withdraw by American leaders who begin their analysis with the presumption that victory is not possible. They seem to want to ensure defeat by leaving at the very moment when our military leader on the ground has laid out a coherent and compelling strategy for victory.

Decline is a choice. Noble or Nobel?

P.S. If not Bill Ayers, Peggy Noonan wants to write the president's Nobel acceptance speech. "A Wicked and Ignorant Award".

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