Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Good for Kirk

Capitol Fax reporting WaPo's The Fix. Illinois Republican Senate candidate Mark Kirk is angling for a Palin endorsement to coincide with her Oprah appearance. This is good news for any conservative watching the race closely. Kirk, though, has a conservative opponent. I don't think Palin will jump the gun. Let the primary play out.

As far as the Kirk appeal to Palin, given the Dems' shellacking in Blue New Jersey this should not be a stunner to any objective political observer.

It's a conservative year.

And despite the media attempting to paint Palin as a social conservative wacko the main take from her values is that she has rock-solid integrity--she allied herself with Democrats to toss out corrupt members of her own party--and succeeded.

Democrats in Illinois and D.C. could take a page from her book.

P.S. Those suburban numbers continue to resonate. It's not just Virginia and New Jersey, it's more Blue States, Philly, and New York. In Illinois, Republicans need the suburbs to counter Cook County statewide. Kirk knows this, as he hails from the suburban 10th district, which he has fended off from a Blue onslaught the last several election cycles. As the suburbs move to the center, so may the state.

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