Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Independents Flex Their Muscles

Look especially at upscale suburban districts--they went for Obama last time, falling for his so cool persona amid the financial bust last fall. But the Barackstar has taken us over a liberal big government cliff, plunging us into economic peril and promising never-ending tax increases. Michael Barone, Washington Examiner draws lessons from the election results.

This should impact Chicago suburbs as well in next year's election. The stimulus has been a sad joke in Obama's home state. Add to that the parallels of Illinois to New Jersey on their failing economic models, taxes and rampant corruption and you have a glimmer of hope for the Land of Lincoln to turn purple too in 2010.

The electorate is in a state of flux, the TeaParty movement was an early indicator, but the shift is clear--to the right.

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