Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Chicago 2nd Amendment Case

Chicago's handgun ban is on the Supreme Court docket. WSJ on the 2nd amendment case. The lead plaintiff, Otis McDonald, is a liberal Democrat and retired building engineer who lives on the South Side. Sun Times:
One of 12 children born to his sharecropper parents, McDonald would hike into the backwoods with his Marlin single-shot rifle to hunt.
His mom sacrificed to send him to Chicago to make a better life. He's a grandfather now, and at 76 still lives in his modest house.

In 2008, McDonald spotted a local kid in the alley next to his house ''leveling down'' a pistol at a fleeing car that escaped around the corner before any shots were fired. One of the would-be shooter's pals spotted McDonald inside his enclosed front porch calling police. They got away before officers arrived.

A few days later, three guys blocked McDonald's car as he headed to Jewel.

''They did all this cussing ... saying, 'I'll put you down, you old gray-haired mothers-and-such; I'll put you down.' And they're grabbing at their side, running up to the truck door, and I'm sitting there defenseless,'' McDonald said. ''That's the things that was on my mind when I made the decision to go with this lawsuit.''

The Tribune includes liberal bromides in its coverage.

Safety training and criminal background checks are fine, but citizens need to be able to protect themselves and their loved ones. Women and the elderly are especially vulnerable. As we know, the police can't be everywhere, and the deterrent of a trained citizen with the will to protect themselves and their neighbors can only help reduce criminality--and save lives.

More. CBS2Chicago on the other plaintiffs. Mayor Daley talks about local officials having flexibility to "decide how best" to protect their communities. How about individuals? Because people aren't just statistics, and don't want to become another tragic one.

More. Chicago's Handgun Ban and RICO

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Fuzzy Slippers said...

I love this guy. And honestly, if he weren't black, it wouldn't be getting any traction at all. Thank God he's doing this, and he knows full well what it is he's doing, too. Good on him, I say.