Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It felt historic to me

I hadn't seen McCain and Palin together since the convention. While her Tucson appearance last week was an act of loyalty and friendship to the GOP nominee who had asked her to join his ticket, it seemed to me his gift to her as well--reemphasizing his judgment in his choice--and a passing of the baton.

I just happened to be there visiting family. Back in Chicago now, here are a few pictures. Tea Party people were there, some in costume. Media cameras lined two sides of the fairgrounds hall. Here's one:I especially liked that one.

Sarah Palin has a piece in NRO tonight on our President Barack Obama's energy program: Stall, Baby, Stall.

Go Sarah Go.

...More on the Obama drilling deception here.

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Lisa G in NZ said...

Nice post. I understand Sarah has to support McCain out of loyalty since he chose her to be his VP running mate but I hope she is 'finished' supporting him, though, because he is a true "RINO" and not a conservative (or a 'tea partier' either).

There is some proof Soros funds have backed McCain. Something really smells about both of the 2008 candidates not really being eligible for the position of POTUS as well.

I'm not happy Republicans choose McCain... but perhaps the Soros and oligarchy behind the scenes is just so corrupt, they really did orchestrate the 2008 run just to get their puppet into power.

How much of all this behind the scenes stuff does Sarah know about? Will she ever denounce McCain's non-conservative-ness since its part of the problem today which helped get Obummers selected?

guess I find her 100% support of him somewhat troubling... maybe its me