Friday, April 09, 2010

Obambi vs. Palin

HotAir with his glass-jawed response to Palin--what do you know about nukes anyway. Questioner is Clintonista and Rahmbo buddy George Stephanopoulos'. Clips of Palin and our President Barack Obambi.

Let's recall this other video, hmm. Travels with Barry.

More. Keep America Safe. Liz Cheney has strong words. Watch. politicaljunkie Mom at Potluck calls it apt, and this comment is especially apropos:
See this is yet again another example of why I suspect Obama never released his school grades.
More. Palin up today at the latest major Republican leader venue, in New Orleans.

More. Obama's Nuke Stance: Too Much Information - Chicago Tribune

U.S. Shouldn't Play Nice on Nukes - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post

More. Pundette: Rodeo queens, death panels, et cetera

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