Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is it WikiTreason

The AfPak Papers. The real story is how closely these documents reflect official views of the Afghan war. WSJ, in part:

Another, more important, disclosure is how closely Iran has been working with the Taliban, as well as with al Qaeda and other Sunni extremists. This makes logical sense, given Iran's support for terrorists in Iraq and its general desire to chase America from the region. But the evidence should discredit those who think Tehran can be made peaceable by diplomatic entreaties. [snip]

Then again, we also know that Pakistan has shifted its behavior in a more pro-American direction in the last 14 months as the Taliban began to threaten Pakistan's own stability. Responding to a surge of terrorism against Pakistani targets, the Pakistani army has pushed Islamist insurgents from the Swat Valley and even South Waziristan. It has taken heavy casualties in the process. Islamabad now actively aids U.S. drone strikes against Taliban and al Qaeda leaders in the mountains along its Afghan border.

Pakistan can and should do more to pursue the terrorist enclaves along the border, as well as in Quetta and Karachi. The question is what's the best way to persuade their leaders to act. U.S.-Pakistan cooperation has been one of the Obama Administration's foreign policy successes, and it would be a tragedy if the leak of selective documents, often out of context, would now poison that cooperation.

More on Iran: What the WikiLeaks Documents Say About Iran-al Qaeda. Intelligence reports pointing to collusion between the mullahs and al Qaeda are persistent. TWS. There may be a North Korean connection as well. Bad guys linking up.

Is it WikiTreason. More of our own will die as a result of these operational details leaked.

I suggest this guy infiltrate the Taliban in the interest of transparency.

P.S. Bret Stephens:

The Cambodian genocide is especially worth recalling today not only for what it was, but for the public debates in the West that immediately preceded it. "The greatest gift our country can give to the Cambodian people is peace, not guns," said then-congressman, now senator, Chris Dodd, by way of making the case against the Ford administration's bid to extend military assistance to the pro-American government of Lon Nol.

In the New York Times, Sydney Schanberg reported from Cambodia that "it is difficult to imagine how [Cambodian] lives could be anything but better with the Americans gone." Mr. Schanberg added that "it would be tendentious to forecast [genocide] as a national policy under a Communist government once the war is over."

A year later, Mr. Schanberg was awarded a Pulitzer Prize, though not for tendentiousness.

All in all, America's withdrawal from Southeast Asia resulted in the killing of an estimated 165,000 South Vietnamese in so-called re-education camps; the mass exodus of one million boat people, a quarter of whom died at sea; the mass murder, estimated at 100,000, of Laos's Hmong people; and the killing of somewhere between one million and two million Cambodians.

The Left is on the prowl again for withdrawal. Stephens:
But somewhere in the bowels of the State Department, somebody might want to think hard about the human consequences of American withdrawal. What happens to the Afghan women who removed their burqas in the late fall of 2001, or the girls who enrolled in government schools? What happens to the army officers and civil servants who cooperated with the coalition? What happens to the villagers who stood with us when we asked them to?
What happened to it takes a village, Katrina. Behold the navel-gazing feminists of the American left in full flower. You might as well put on a burka and blind your eyes.

More. Newt Is Dramatically Refocusing Our Understanding of Sharia's Threat to the West. Andy McCarthy (who prosecuted the first WTC bombers)

...Can we ask again--

Who is Fatima Mohammadi?

Maybe you can interview her, Katrina. Maybe we can get some document leaks there too. We have a Wiki wish list.

More. It begins. WikiLeaks Reportedly Outs 100s of Afghan Informants

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