Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lion's Share of Indies are Women. Palin Impact

Dems are getting worried. Emily's List is targeting Sarah Palin, who has been very savvy in appealing to women to broaden her base.

Obama has already lost college-educated women, and a big number of Tea Party leadership are women as well. Worry about debt and the implications for the next generation drew women into political activism, some for the first time ever this past year.

Tabitha Hale: Democrats and Suffragettes

HT The Chamber Post

Democrats can't take women for granted this year.

Other groups that supported Obama but show less fervor include young whites, unmarried women, people who live in the West, people earning under $50,000 a year, college graduates and urban whites. The falloff shows that Democrats have work to do with blocs the party hoped an Obama presidency would cement into dependable supporters.

Frankly, a lot of women are breadwinners and the economy and jobs are their number one priority just like everyone else in America.

P.S. Thomas Lifson, The American Thinker: Sarah Palin, wordsmith. Score!!! via Memeorandum. Sarah is the Fresh Air.

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