Monday, October 25, 2010

Backyard Conservative Named Top 30 Political Mom Bloggers Who Will Change Your Vote

Well, my oh my. The Stir: A CafeMom blog. 30 Political Mom Bloggers Who Will Change Your Vote

I've been in a blogfog this morning in the final countdown to this critical election. Saw a tantalizing email come in, but didn't click until I saw traffic come in from my much-loved co-bloggers at Potluck:) Thank you Ruby Slippers. (And Pundette, the conservative community organizer of the Potluck blog:)

It's no secret Illinois is Ground Zero of the Chicago Way that sent Barack Obama to Washington. We are the canary in the coal mine--the state may swing back to the center as we're paying higher interest rates than Mexico and are essentially bankrupt. Tight races abound for Senate, Governor, and in numerous congressional districts, including the 9th and the 10th--the boundary runs right down the middle of my street in Chicago suburban Wilmette.

As far as the mom thing I am a bit past my prime, as my millennials are in and out, but I still assert prime position:)

I will say though being a mom has propelled me to defend conservative women in politics bigtime. Yes you can call me a Palin fan. I heard her speak in St. Paul at the 2008 convention and I will never, never forget it.

Sarah Palin was demonized early on. There is a very, very obvious double standard. I don't know if she will run for president, I don't know if I will support her candidacy--but I will defend her every day. Every day.

I do think her cheerful perseverance and courageous insight has inspired more moderate to conservative women to run for office this year. It is no coincidence that the majority of TEA party leaders are women.

These women care about the issues everyone else does--they're not running on "women's issues" as defined by the illiberal left.

And as we look to the future we want an America that doesn't crush the spirit of the children we bore for a better day.


Sir Galen of Bristol said...

I'm pretty sure that if I were to come up with a category that specific, you'd be a lot higher than just the top 30.

In my view, you're one of the top 10 political blogs. Period.

MarySue said...

Aww, thanks for the mention. I saw the link on twitter this morning and was so thrilled you were on that list. Congratulations, you are a tireless advocate for women and great candidates male and female alike. Above all you are a great friend and an incredible support in the blogosphere. It seems high time you were included on a list with the notables. Way to go Anne!

Anne said...

Thank you Mary Sue.

Your kind words and support mean a lot to me, given you are such a fine blogger yourself.


Anne said...

Paul--you are such a nice guy, thanks so much.

I really appreciate your perspective on conservative politics and our Catholic faith.


Quite Rightly said...

Hey, Congrats!

And I thank you for every vote that you change!

Anne said...

Well, let's cross our rightie fingers!:)

pathickey said...

As the single "Mom" of three, I know how tough things can be fr us girls!

Well done, Anne!

Keep hitting them in the short ribs; if you can't breathe you can't fight back!

Well done!

The Widow Hickey

Anne said...

Pat, you are always an inspiration.

God Bless.