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Kirk, Alexi on MTP

UPDATE. More below. Killer quote from the panel on the debate--this from a liberal:

They Said It

Joe Klein says I don’t think I’ve ever seen a politician say anything like that before

Watch Time’s Joe Klein on Meet the Press today regarding Alexi Giannoulias and Broadway Bank.

Klein: Giannoulias just said he didn’t know the full extent of the criminal activity of people that his bank was giving loans to. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a politician say anything like that before.

Yeah, Alexi was just carrying out the garbage. As I've said before--the real question is why is Alexi even running. (And because so many Chicago media give him a pass, among others.)***I sang at church this morning and it's a beautiful day so haven't watched it. I'll give you the link with clips.

OK, watching this-- on job creation. Alexi thinks he's a Main St. guy. Haha. He's a Chicago machine guy, recipient of the bailout. He wants to spend more money on the failed stimulus?!!!

recent disasters.

Keep in mind MTP is part of the PC media.

Kirk statement:

Kirk Campaign Statement on Meet the Press

The Kirk for Senate campaign today released a statement after Meet the Press.

“Mark Kirk won today’s debate demonstrating that his vision to tax less, spend less and borrow less is resonating and that he is better equipped to handle the issues voters care about – turning the economy around and creating jobs. Alexi Giannoulias reiterated his support for the same tax and spend policies promoted in Springfield and Washington and reminded voters that he took a $2.7 million tax break while supporting state and federal tax increases on the people of Illinois.”

More. Fact check from the Kirk team:

Didn’t Know the Extent? Give Us a Break

During an appearance today on Meet the Press, Alexi Giannoulias was asked whether he knew about the criminal backgrounds of mobsters who received loans from Broadway Bank when Giannoulias was the Senior Loan Officer. Giannoulias said he didn’t know the extent of their criminal activities.

Didn’t Know the Extent?

FACT: The Chicago Tribune reported on April 1, 2010, the Giannoulias family was made aware of Giorango’s past when they read about in the Chicago Tribune in 2004. That 2004 Tribune report read in part:

“Michael Giorango has been convicted twice of federal bookmaking charges and was found guilty in January of promoting a prostitution operation, according to a Justice Department press release and court records.”

“In 1989, Giorango pleaded guilty to helping direct a south suburban bookmaking ring that used threats of bombings, beatings and robbery to collect unpaid debts. Nicknamed "Jaws," Giorango managed bookie parlors that moved periodically, as well as monthly floating "smokers," or casino gambling nights.

In 1991, while Giorango was in federal prison for the bookmaking case, he was convicted of additional gambling and tax violations stemming from his role in a separate bookmaking operation overseen by Chicago Heights gambling boss Dominic Barbaro. At Barbaro's several wire rooms, Giorango accepted wagers totaling more than $40,000 a week and settled up with customers, prosecutors said.”

So Giannoulias knew that Giorango had convictions for promoting a prostitution ring, bookmaking, gambling and tax violations?

FACT: On April 27, 2006, the Chicago Tribune reported that Giannoulias had traveled to Miami to meet with convicted mobster Michael Giorango and inspect a hotel that Broadway Bank had loaned him money to purchase:

“But on Wednesday, Giannoulias said he traveled to Miami "about a year or two ago" to inspect property the bank had financed for Giorango and met with him there. Giannoulias declined to provide details of that meeting.”

What “extent” of Michael “Jaws” Giorango’s criminal activities did Giannoulias learn about in Miami?

FACT: According to the Chicago Tribune, Broadway Bank loaned money to Giorgano’s partner, Demitri Stavropolous, even though Stavropoulos was in federal prison at the time of the loan.

“Co-signing those Broadway loans with Giorango was Demitri Stavropoulos of Oak Brook, who was convicted in 2004 for his role as ringleader of a multistate sports bookmaking operation that grossed about $1 million a year. Stavropoulos also was convicted of explosives possession charges in 1994. Stavropoulos was in federal prison in June 2005 when the $3.6 million Myrtle Beach loan was made. The inmate’s wife signed the loan papers as his ‘attorney in fact,’ land records show. Stavropoulos remains in federal custody and could not be reached for comment. Giorango declined to comment through an attorney.”

Alexi didn’t know the extent? Give us a break.

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