Monday, October 11, 2010

ObamaCare Scandal in Scranton: Closing Catholic Hospitals for Elderly

A harbinger for the rest of the country. Threats and a cover up? The nun at the center of the political firestorm. The American Spectator:

Alarmingly, the doctor, with a lifetime of practice in hand, says that "hospitals close in clusters where there is decreased income in terms of relatively low Medicare reimbursement…because they are the most vulnerable." He adds that what is happening in Scranton, Nanticoke, and Tunkhannock with the Mercy hospitals "is just the beginning. It will happen everywhere because reimbursements will be reduced" under ObamaCare. Particularly, he adds, in areas where you have a high elderly population.

If the doctor is right, and he is not alone in saying this, the proposed sale of the three Mercy hospitals becomes a harbinger of what will happen nationally as a result of ObamaCare slowly tightening its government tentacles over the private health care system. Which means the sale of the three Mercy hospitals has added Scranton to what the Wall Street Journal has already called ObamaCare's "trail of destruction."

Ahhhh. But who is Sister Carol Keehan? What's the big deal here with her? Why would a statement from simple Catholic nun appear to cause so much consternation with Mercy Health Partner CEO Kevin Cook in Scranton, Pennsylvania?

Sister Carol, inviting in the death panel. For old and unborn alike.

Coming to a neighborhood near you. At your expense. Remember in November. It's not just Catholic Hospitals at risk.

More. At Memeorandum. Thanks for the link. And Pundit & Pundette on our unscrupulous president, among other failings.


MarySue said...

Ooh I have to go read this. I was born in one of the Mercy Hospitals, the one in Wilkes Barre. Kanjorski is scum but I have a hard time believing he is actually going to lose. The arms of voters in the area are magnetically directed to the D lever. Attacking the Mercy's might be the final straw though.

Anne said...

It's sure one to watch. I was born in a Catholic hospital as well, though thankfully there weren't any nuns like Sister Carol there.

MarySue said...

Sister Carol is a long way away from the women who started the Mercy Hospitals in the Scranton area. The Mercy hospitals are the part of the fabric of the area. It's a very long story but losing these institutions is going to rankle the roots of the community. This does need to get legs, no wonder DC wants it squelched.

Anne said...

I can't imagine there are many nuns like Sister Carol.

As we know, the left doesn't like unique institutions.

They don't like other sources of power.