Thursday, October 21, 2010

We need those billion $$$ babies

What grows an economy. Rich Karlgaard, Forbes. (The expert on Barry Obamski:) NOT a billion dollar baby.)

In the teeth of Obamanomics. A quick quiz:

1. In talking Obamanomics, when you say "tax cuts," what you really mean are: (a) transfer payments to people who pay no taxes, (b) tax reductions to actual taxpayers, or (c) the Marxist belief that in the fullness of time, the all-powerful state will "wither away."

2. Real tax cuts made to date by the Obama administration add up to: (a) $1.2 trillion, (b) zero, or (c) any number that pops into Barbara Boxer's head.

3. Under the Obama administration, the U.S. economy has added or subtracted how many jobs: (a) plus 3 million, based on computer models not of what happened, but what was supposed to happen, or (b) minus 2.5 million, based on the actual data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Read on and weep.

And remember in November. For fun, here's one of my favorite babies:)

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