Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Politico and the Pres discover Main St. may be tougher than the beltway

Story and video here.

If the president wants to pursue a campaign of speeches that seem to be recycled from his 2008 ascension to the White House, that's up to him.

A retreat to the Rose Garden, or Michelle's garden may end up being the only place he feels comfortable. But even the roses have thorns and I presume Michelle planted some spinach.

Maybe he can reinvent himself as Popeye, strong to the finich! since the Superman shtick isn't working for him any more.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Monday denied that the Obama campaign is choosing the locales of the reporters who get to interview Obama – saying the White House is calling the shots. Of course, this ignores that the campaign, in the person of Senior Adviser David Plouffe, is actually in the White House.

Obama has been interviewed in recent weeks by reporters from Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Virginia and Iowa. Yesterday he spoke with reporters from Indiana, Colorado, and North Carolina. And, to provide some cover for this nakedly political effort, they added a guy from Texas, a state Obama can’t possibly win. Big mistake

Oh, sure.

Another big mistake.

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Donna said...

And amazingly, the reporter DID a good job!
Good Post!
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American Pie


Anne said...

Yes. Guess she's not going to the White House