Wednesday, July 06, 2011

We have our freedom, and we won't give it back. Lefties

And finally, we have the latest purported incident, in which we are asked to believe that Justice Prosser, in the midst of a discussion in the chambers of his liberal opposite number Ann Walsh Bradley, suddenly and apropos of nothing bounded across the room and attempted to strangle her in front of most of the other justices. The man is even worse than Clarence Thomas.
This is an extraordinary series of events, of a type that we haven't witnessed before. Even more singular is the legacy media's insistence on covering the story (with the exception of the siege of Madison, which got the standard "unions unbound" treatment) as if it were commonplace to the point of boredom.  It is no such thing; it is an ideological campaign of a magnitude and breadth that we have not seen in quite some time, if ever.
We shall fight you on the beaches, lefties. vegetarians and aging hippies. Slink off into the sunset

The Dairy State will be free. And so will we

...oh yeah, we're the crazy ones. Scroll down for greatest hits 

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