Thursday, September 01, 2011

Valerie Jarrett, Slumlord's Grove Parc Gets Fed $

Bailing out past mistakes with more of our dwindling taxpayer dollars. Our President Barack Obama's best buddy Valerie's legacy in the city of Chicago. (How come no mention of the connection in the article, hmm, or of Obama mentor Allison Davis, lately in the news) Tribune:
A $30.5 million federal grant will be used to renovate a Woodlawn affordable housing complex in a move city leaders hope makes the building an anchor for revitalizing the neighborhood.

Chicago was one of five U.S. cities to get an inaugural “Choice Neighborhoods Initiative” grant. The city will join with the not-for-profit Preservation of Affordable Housing, which won the grant by proposing to fix up the Grove Parc Plaza, a federally subsidized 504-unit building built in the 1960s.
I suppose this is a clean-up prelude to an Obama Presidential Library! in Hyde Park. The silver lining is that would happen sooner rather than later, but given the president and his spouse's propensity for the luxe life, they may build his immortality, to quote Pelosi, in Hawaii.

P.S. Will Michelle do the ribbon-cutting? "The closer", yes we can. Will it work this time?...His n her jets, his n her teleprompters...with Valerie lurking in the background.

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