Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chicago's really cracking down. Ayers holds forth

Oh yeah, we're going to have dog license scofflaws get their leash pulled, speed cameras flashing for fines around educational institutions, "lawmakers" even want to take away felonious former Dem Gov Blago's pension (cuz remember he tried to sell Barack's Senate seat to the pure as the driven snow Rahmbo)

But unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers--the nail bomber extraordinaire, the guy who on 9/11 was in the NY Times bragging about his leftist street cred chic and sneering that he didn't think they bombed enough; Bill Ayers, the guy who has lived for years on the taxpayers' dime as a U of I Education prof, now retired on a fat public pension; Bill Ayers, Barack Obama's political godfather--is doing a sweet little Days of Rage nostalgic teach-in at Occupy Chicago, and the CBOT sends 'em pizza. Roll tape: Yes, even Barack might could use a refresher on tactics,[flashback:Joel B. Pollak: Barack Obama Led #OccupyChicago – Circa 1988] since this is his reelection game plan--and Ayers is turning on him.

But Barack still thinks he can pull off the phony front. And Chicago still ticks along, tightening the screws on those in the city that work, turning a blind eye to the rot within.

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