Friday, October 26, 2012

#CTU Bosses Shove Thru O Endorsement. No Vote

They did one of those I can't hear you yea and nay votes like we saw at the Dem convention, you know, where delegates booed God and the Jews and Big Dem Boss LA Mayor Villaraigosa decreed it never happened.

Kyle Olson, Townhall: Chicago Teachers Union Rank-and-File Reps Refuse to Endorse Obama:
So much for finding favor with the hometown crowd.
President Obama managed to gain an endorsement from the Chicago Teachers Union last week, but it took some quick maneuvering by the union’s executive committee to make it happen, found.
It seems the union’s House of Delegates (about 800 delegates representing rank-and-file members) failed to act on the recommended endorsement, expressing a preference to sit this election out. But the union leadership came through for its old friend Obama, rejecting the advice of the people who pay the dues and the bills.
Of course, they're to the left of O on school reform.

Other Windy City news, via Hillbuzz, where apparently Obama's '08 finance chairman Penny Pritzker is being shunned by those she strong-armed the last go-round.

No one wants to pony up for the O Aloha getaway.

Is this campaign rotten enough for you yet America. From sex... O asks young women for political virginity, mimics Putin

DOOM ANTIDOTE: Massive Blowback and Backfire to Obama’s Lena Dunham Ad. “Just like the Fonz, Obama went from Mr. Popular to Jumping the Shark”. thugs.

Do we want these we don't need no stinkin' democracy Obama elites shoving us around for 4 more years. Spitting on we the people.

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