Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"He needs to be Joe Biden without the smirks"

It has come to this. Preezie needs to emulate wheezy old Joe.

For whom we know he only has contempt.

That The One could have come to this.

Enjoy Byron York this morning: Obama-Romney II: Prez needs to win by knockout

And have a nice day:)

You too Preezie baby.


SpearWolf said...

Yeah, the big Zero should just channel Crazy Joe channeling Neil Kinnock........

These Bozos have never had an original idea in their lives, & I hope that the 2nd debate will make this even more apparent to the electorate who don't yet know.

Anne said...

Yeah. If Crowley follows up with both candidates I have no doubt O will show what a zero he is

pathickey said...

"He needs to be Joe Biden without the smirks"

Is that not like a pub with no beer, Anne?

BTW- Does not Ms. Crowley resemble the chap from "Dances with Wolves" who pulled the Dutch Act after wetting his britches?