Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obama Buyer's Remorse

In the wake of the Wisconsin win, which pushes Obama into clear frontrunner status, some (belated) concern among the MSM flock about Barack. Maybe a little liberal buyer's remorse? Robert Samuelson:
But on inspection, the metaphor is a mirage. Repudiating racism is not a magic cure-all for the nation's ills. It requires independent ideas, and Obama has few. If you examine his agenda, it is completely ordinary, highly partisan, not candid and mostly unresponsive to many pressing national problems.
Another former Obamazon here. Meanwhile, Michelle not so belle on America. And actually, her tone has sounded like Hillary's to me--bossy with an angry undertone. Mark Halperin, Time on the impact of her remark on the general election. (He's already worried about what we bloggers are saying.) So I will sum it up again-- add this profoundly anti-American remark of hers to Obama's most liberal record, his friendship with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and a PLO operative and the recent Obama-Che incident--you have liberal with a capital L.

And liberalism doesn't sell well in America.

Michelle Malkin takes on Michelle Obama: 2 Michelles, 2 Americas.

So I would say November is not Obamamatic. If you're at all tempted, purge yourself of the that's-so-many-primaries-ago platitudes and Barakronisms with this handy tool: (Come on, you can do it! You can free yourself--yes you can!!!)
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