Thursday, May 15, 2008

Obama's Hope Based on Hate

While effete liberals at the NY Times and gourmet dog biscuit shops smugly suggest they are not racists but they know it lurks in less cosmopolitan parts, perhaps those "rubes" in West Virginia got it right.

Perhaps the NY Times should abandon Barack Obama on his racist reconciliation tour of blue collar car plants and at the Edwards loser lovefest and take it to TUCC, where real racism resides. Stanley Kurtz, National Review's May19th cover story on the Rev. Wright. Kurtz explores the Rev. Wright's black liberation theology based on the writings of James Cone. At his infamous speech at the National Press Club Wright reaffirmed his reliance on Cone, and Cone has claimed Wright's church exemplifies his beliefs--TUCC, the most radical church in America--Barack Obama's church for 20 years. It's worth reading in full, but I will give you this from the print edition:
Indeed, one of the most striking features of Black Theology and Black Power is its strident attack on white liberals. According to Cone, "when white do-gooders are confronted with the style of Black Power, realizing that black people really place them in the same category with the George Wallaces, they react defensively, saying, 'It's not my fault' or 'I am not responsible.'" But Cone insists that white, liberal do-gooders are every bit as responsible as the most dyed-in-the-woll segregationists. Well before it became a cliché, Cone boldly set forth the argument for institutional racism--the notion that "racism is so embedded in the heart of American society that few, if any, whites can free themselves from it."

The liberal's favorite question, says Cone, is "What can I do?" He replies that, short of turning radical and putting their lives on the line behind a potentially violent revolution, liberals can do nothing.
Cone does soften his stance a bit against the white middle class Antichrist churches, "This does not necessarily mean burning of their buildings with Molotov cocktails." He has also said black hatred of whites is every bit as justified as hatred of Germans by Jews. According to Kurtz, Wright's radical philosophy permeates every sermon, every bulletin, every issue of his magazine--there's no way Barack Obama could not have known what Wright was about. Most of Wright's original congregation left, and relations with the parent church were strained over its radicalism--yet Barack Obama stayed, you might say he clung to it. Religion being the opiate of the people and all. Marxist, black separatist Kool-Aid.

Hugh Hewitt, Townhall has key excerpts from Kurtz's look at Wright's Trumpet magazine, which offers some insight into Obama's remarks on the flag pin and phony patriotism. We are apparently all white supremacists now. So liberals, perhaps you had best ask, in this context, why do they hate us? Obama used religion to campaign in Pennsylvania, and now Kentucky. Left Coast Oregon version? Meanwhile, more separatism.

Why is Barack Obama's hope based on hate?

UPDATE: Tom Bevan, RCP on Hillary's biggest mistake and the Rev. Wright. Newsweek asks, Does Edwards Matter? And Karl Rove on the GOP challenge:
Republicans also face challenges with the young (whose opposition to the war and attraction to Mr. Obama have made them Democrats) and Hispanics (the fastest-growing part of the electorate). A recent survey offers some encouraging news. Mr. McCain is polling as high as 41% with Hispanics – close to President Bush's 44% in 2004.

Democrats shouldn't be complacent after Tuesday. Their problems start with Mr. Obama's 41-point loss to Hillary Clinton in West Virginia. Mr. Obama lost the primary because the rejection of him by blue-collar voters is hardening. The last Democrat to win the presidency without carrying the Mountain State was Woodrow Wilson in 1916.

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