Thursday, June 17, 2010

Alexi Fundraiser in DC (Is BP off the list?) Manhandles Videographer

Giannoulias Campaign Aide Manhandles Videographer

In other news, it's not just White House chief of staff Rahmbo's rent-free landlord who's the PR guru for BP , it's not just that BP was the Obama administration's Big "government pet,.. now a capitalist tool" we've got more Chicago Way cozy ties. The Illinois Republican Party reports this:

Giannoulias Scrambles to Hide Senior Adviser Who Lobbied for BP

Hours after first report that Alexi’s political director Endy Zemenides lobbied for BP, Zemenides changes his LinkedIn Profile

Was he fired or is Alexi trying to hide his BP ties?

Earlier today, columnist Matt Lewis first reported that a top adviser to Illinois Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias was a five-year lobbyist for BP in Chicago – including the year BP pushed a plan to pollute Lake Michigan.

Moments ago, Mr. Zemenides’ LinkedIn profile dropped his affiliation with the Giannoulias campaign. See his current profile here.

But Mr. Zemenides didn’t count on “Google Cache.” Take a look at what his profile looked like before today.

Questions for Alexi Giannoulias?

1) Did you fire your political director today?

2) Did you instruct Endy Zemenides to change his LinkedIn profile today?

3) How long have you known Endy Zemenides?

4) Why did you make a BP lobbyist your campaign political director and senior adviser?

5) Do you think voters should question your commitment to the environment given your close relationship to a former BP lobbyist?

As Lewis suggests, let's see if the media notices.

More. Yes, there is a polite way to handle this. And NOT.

P.S. Alexi also tardy in filing his ethics disclosures. His latest excuse:

Giannoulias, the Illinois treasurer, is a candidate for Burris' seat.

A Giannoulias campaign spokesman said Tuesday the extension was requested because the candidate's financial situation changed due to the failure of his family's bank, Broadway Bank, which was taken over by federal regulators in April.

The spokesman said Giannoulias, who also sought an extension for his personal income taxes, wants to have a "more accurate picture of his personal finances, which have changed considerably since the sale of Broadway Bank."

Change, yes, sale no. But given Alexi is Illinois state Treasurer and a real financial genius, how is this a problem, hmm?

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