Thursday, June 17, 2010

Alexi Whines to NY Times

Gets brushed back.

They did their Alexi loots the bank victim story for him. It didn't work. Because everyone knows Giannoulias and family's Broadway Bank made hot loans to mobsters, then they took out $7o million in dividends for themselves the last few years, and when the bank failed got a $15 million tax credit. Now taxpayers have bailed out the bank to the tune of $394 million, with questions arising from that as well.

Then there are his millions in Bright Start college savings losses as Treasurer, and his SUV for me at your expense--how characteristic of Reckless, Me-First Alexi Giannoulias. What has Alexi ever done for anybody that didn't involve sheer opportunism?

And he's trying to slam Mark Kirk for not having been a teacher long enough or something before he joined Porter's congressional office and volunteered for military service.

You get the impression Alexi thinks everything should be handed to him on a silver platter. He's entitled, you see. So instead of Blago appointing him to the Obama Senate seat, he wants us voters to anoint him, no questions asked, while taxpayers and honest citizens are ripped off and shunted aside as a matter of course. It's the Chicago Way we're seeing on trial these days.

Maybe that's why he went to an out of town paper with his silly smear.

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