Friday, June 18, 2010

Bill Ayers, The Myth of the Extreme Vandal

A comic book.

P.S. Am getting a lot of hits right now on Bill Ayers No Dream and have no idea why. Good night.

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pathickey said...

Billy Ayers - The Barney Google of American Terror.

Lee said...

The was a guy on a radio talk show last night talking about how you ran into Ayers in Washington and part of the conversation was speculating whether Ayers had written Obama's book. I am sorry I was not paying a whole lot of attention and for the life of me I can't recall the show's title or the man's name. I had been listening to Bootz on the way home and his show ended and this show began. It was about 9'oclock CST I checked the station's schedule and they dont have this show listed. The station was NEWSTALK107.9 if that would help. The were however very complimentary of you. I know this wasn't a lot of help but its a start. I will try to remember to listen for the show tonight so I can give you a little more detail later. BTW for what its worth this was the reason I looked you up too. Lee

Anne said...

Thanks very much.

I thought it might have been a radio show.

Very kind (and smart:) of them.