Wednesday, June 02, 2010

MoDo Emotes. And is Ayers an Exquisite?

After Gibbs asserted that his boss was “enraged” at BP, CBS News’s Chip Reid skeptically pressed: “Have we really seen rage from the president on this? I think most people would say no.”

“I’ve seen rage from him, Chip,” Gibbs insisted. “I have.”

Reid asked for an exact definition of what constitutes emotion for Obama: “Can you describe it? Does he yell and scream? What does he do?”

Gibbs mentioned the words “clenched jaw” and the president’s admonition to “plug the damn hole.”

How does a man who invented himself as a force by writing one of the most eloquent memoirs in political history lose control of his own narrative?

In “Dreams From My Father,” Obama showed passion, lyricism, empathy and an exquisite understanding of character and psychological context — all the qualities that he has stubbornly resisted showing as president. It was a book that promised a president who could see into the hearts of other people. But there’s so much you don’t learn about candidates in campaigns, even when they seem completely exposed.

Hey MoDo. He's a jerk. Be fair. A straw man.

...Author in chief for sure...maybe he's just blocked.

P.S. Jack Cashill weighs in:)

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Fuzzy Slippers said...

Someone needs to send the memo to MoDo: BO didn't write Dreams From My Father. The person she's in love with is Bill Ayers:

Anne said...

I love that thought:)

MoDo and Ayers. What a pair.