Sunday, May 30, 2010

How the liberal mind works (NOT Obama's)

Jack Cashill tackles the Dreams From My Father authorship again. Essay and audio. This WGN Remnick interview is fascinating. This guy is bent on establishing Barack as a centrist--center-left, a fuddy-duddy liberal (something nearly everyone in America realizes is not true now).

Barack Obama's mom was a leftist, his father was a communist--they met in a Russian class, his grandfather's best friend was a communist, and when Barack went to Occidental College he said he deliberately chose leftist "chic" friends. And when he got to Chicago he hung out with Bill Ayers and the Rev. Wright. Oh, and Valerie Jarrett. Ah yes, he put on a happy face.

Don't make me laugh.

Remnick is yet another useful idiot of the left. An idiot-savant, but an idiot nonetheless.

...He says the prism of race is crucial...

...and then later on since he can't win the argument he calls Jack Cashill a racist.

. Raaaacist. Raaaacist. Raaacist in chief.

P.S. I linked over at Pundit & Pundette--with a little twist.

...And remember, Bill Ayers' dad was a top exec with the utility Commonwealth Edison. And Valerie Jarrett's dad [correction, father in law and neighbor] was a leftist establishment journalist. [Her father was a doctor.]Ayers got his cushy U of I teaching job endowed by daddy's money, and Jarrett was Mayor Daley's top aide. Ayers' dad may have been an old line liberal, but Jarrett's wasn't. And Mayor Daley may be, but she's not--Barack Obama is their coming out party. And that's why he keeps doubling down on his leftist policies.

He agrees with Ayers' radicalism. But his own myth is too important to him to give up. (He has to have written that book.) It's all he has.

...The only major issue he hasn't gone left on is the war. That is major tension with the anti-war Ayers---but give him time.

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