Sunday, June 13, 2010

Older Women Blago's Best Supporters

57% in Illinois Say Blagojevich Should Go To Jail. Rasmussen

It's down from 79% when he was first arrested.

Guess the hair still has its charm for some.

Governor Love in Your Heart still a Sweet Talkin' Guy.

P.S. Blago Jury in for a Wild Ride - John Kass, Chicago Tribune:
Rod Blagojevich's reality TV audience is a memory now, as are the women of "The View" who begged to touch his hair, and the listeners on his pro-Rod radio talk show.

The former Democratic governor of Illinois now has only one audience to charm: his jurors. And they've had one heck of a week already, being dragged down the rabbit hole into the wonderland of Illinois politics.
Is that a Cheshire cat smile.

I only hope he does take them all down with him.

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